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Baby Pool Winner: Mike Vybiral  Click here to download spreadsheet


 November 26, 2005      11:17 a.m.        JACOB MICHAEL ESSER is born!   8lbs 2 oz,  21 1/2", curly sandy blonde hair, blue eyes (we think, hasn't opened them much).  Everyone is doing very well!  Sorry but I left the camera at the hospital - so I'll have to put the pictures up a little later.  We went to St. Vincent's last night ~ 7 p.m. by morning Sue couldn't dialate any more since he was trying to come out face-up so they had to do a C-section.  Sue and Jake will be home Tuesday, Nov. 29th.  Baby pool results will be announced shortly.



November 23, 2005

Sorry we haven't put much up recently.  Baby is very active and none of the sonograms have been very clear.  Sue had an appointment today and is doing great!  Starting to dialate and they think the baby will be 8 1/2 lbs!  If she doesn't deliver over the Thanksgiving weekend they will induce on Nov. 29th.


August 2, 2005

Doctor's appointment and sonograms today.  Both Mom and Baby (just Baby don't know if it is a boy or girl) doing very well.  23 weeks gone by and Baby weighs about 1 lb. 4 oz.  Baby was sucking its left thumb -- ARGH! Hope that changes.




 July 8th, 2005

Routine check up today.  Good heart beat @ 148 beats per minute.  Sue is doing very well.  We're now at 20 weeks - half way to the coming out party!!!


May 31st, 2005

Sonogram.  Baby was waving and flipping.  Good heart, brain and limbs.


April 14th, 2005

First sonogram.  We've got one in the oven.  Got to see the heart beat.  Due date aroun the end of November.

7 weeks











It's official.  Blood test confirms Sue is pregnant as of Easter Monday, March 28th, 2005.

Need to wait till mid April to see if it will be 1, 2 or more.



We brought the little ones home March 11, 2005 when they were 3 days old - each 8 cells big and doing fine.  Should have a coming out party in 9 months.